Parcel Delivery

The team of ÁRVA TRANS offers good quality delivery service for a reasonable price mainly for customers who live in the UK but our company can also help customers who live in Belgium, Netherlands and in the west or south parts of Germany

Our company delivers packages constantly every week. We also  help people and companies move home.

We only take break between 25. December and 1. January.



We collect packages from Hungary and in the south of Highland to England between Wednesday and Saturday.We collect packages from England to Hungary between Monday and Saturday.

We can give you the the exact date  after the order has been booked.We also call you the day before the collection for exact time. We can give you a three hours of time period .e.g.Friday between 2 and 5 p.m.



Parcel delivery takes place in Hungary all week depending on the settlements.

Parcel delivery takes place in England between Sunday and Friday also depending on the settlements.

You will give a call the day before delivery  for exact time.We can give you a three hours of time period.e.g.Monday from 9 to 12 a.m.

Unlike other post companies our company does not collect or deliver packages without confirmation. Every case  we need the customers’ confirmation for delivery  and collection time.



Delivery time is 2-8 days from Hungary to England after collection.Delivery time from England to Hungary is 2-11 days depending on the place of  collection or delivery.

e.g.from London to Budapest it is 2-3 days,but from Leicesterit  to Lenti it is 9-11 days.

Please ask information about expected delivery time at the time of order.



In England:

Kattintson a nagyításoz!

In Hungary and in the south of Highland:

Kattintson a nagyítsához! 

From Hungary to England through Austria,Germany,Belgium, Netherlands and France

Kattintson a nagyításhoz!



The packages are very different,so it is important for you to ask for shipping fee on our website on email or on telephone.

We can calculate  the price according to the weight and volume of your package.We need the following details :

-The size of the package (centimeters  x centimeters x centimeters )

-The weight of the package (kilograms)


It is a little help to calculate the shipping fee

In Hungary, England, Belgium,which are signed on the map above,we have the following shipping fee.

We have basic packages and we calculate if how many basic packages are needed to fit your package in.


The basic package is maximum 25 kgs and 0.16m3 (eg.80 x50 x 40cms 90x 50x35cms).It is about a big suitcase.Of course you need not send the same boxes.Only the whole size and weight is important when we calculate the price.

The more you send the bigger discount you get if you send it from one place to one address.

We deliver smaller packages than the basic package as well,but you have to pay for one basic package.

Please talk to your acquaintances and friends and send your packages together.This way  you get more discount.

Küldendő mennyiség: H => GB (Bruttó) GB => H (Bruttó)
1 kis alapcsomag
0,08 m3 10 kg-ig
12.000 Ft 13.000 Ft
1 alapcsomag
0,16m3 25kg
14.000 Ft 15.000 Ft
1,5 alapcsomag
0,24m3 37,5 kg
20.000 Ft 22.000 Ft
2 alapcsomag
0,32m3 50 kg
26.000 Ft 28.000 Ft
2,5 alapcsomag
0,4m3 62,5 kg
32.000 Ft 34.500 Ft
3 alapcsomag
0,48m3 75 kg
37.500 Ft 41.000 Ft
3,5 alapcsomag
0,56m3 87,5kg
43.000 Ft 47.000 Ft
4 alapcsomag
0,64m3 100kg
48.000 Ft 53.000 Ft


We give you an especial discount price above this amount.



Ask for a quote!




The easyest way to start your order to fill in our ordering form.


If you want to order on email or telephone we need the following personal details:

  • The sender’s name,address,telephone number
  • The receiver’s name,address,telephone number
  • a feladó/átvevő mely időpontban/időszakban tudná feladni/átvenni a csomagot
  • a csomagok darabszáma, méretei, súlyuk

We wait for your enquiry and personal details on You can also contact us on this phone number  from 8 5 p.m.:

Phone: (from 8 5 p.m.)


Mobilephone: (from 8 5 p.m.)


+36-30-436-3824 Call duty from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.



  • who are moving back or moving away Hungary

  • if your package is too heavy for a flight

  • if you miss your favourit forniture,bike or motorbike
  • if you buy or would like to buy a lot of good things on a car boot sales, eBay and you want to bring them home
  • simply you would like a package from your family
  • we offer our service for companies which deliver smaller or larger packages between the two countries fast and in short time



  • We offer our service from the Hungarian border to 40 the Highland
  • We offer our service at the same price in Hungary and the signed part of England
  • There is not extra fee or extra km
  • Repacking: 1000 Ft discount
  • We inform you about your package at any time
  • We really offer home to home delivery.We do not use home or foreign post services for shipping